Certificate of Conformity

The product certification procedure in Uzbekistan is the official form of confirmation assessment and includes the execution of a certificate of conformity. Product certification is carried out for compliance with the requirements of normative documents in the field of technical regulation.

The certificate of conformity is a document issued according to the rules of the certification system to confirm the compliance of certified products with established requirements.

How to determine when it’s required to issue the mandatory certificate?

The list of products manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan and imported into its territory subject to mandatory certification approved.

In this list of products are ordered in accordance with the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity (TN VED Version 2017 RU).


For certification of imported products on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan it is required to provide the following documents:

• A copy of the regulatory document for the products manufactured (TC, various quality certificates, ISO certificates, test reports and various documents confirming the quality of the product);

• Photograph of product labeling (product information, passport, technical documentation, description, general view photos);

• A shipping document with a note of arrival on the customs territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan (waybill, invoice, billing).

• A copy of the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (if available, if the product falls under the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion).